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MSPB Privacy Program

Compliance Follow Link to Privacy Compliance
Information on MSPB's compliance processes and related documents, PIAs, SORNs, and Matching Notices and Agreements.

Website Privacy Policy Follow Link to Website Privacy Policy
Information on our website privacy policy, which explains how we handle visits to our websites and the personally identifiable information (PII) that you provide when you visit us online to browse, obtain information, or conduct a transaction.

Policy and Reports Follow Link to Policy and Reports
MSPB privacy policy directives, guidance memoranda, and agency reports on privacy.
Submit a Request for
Records Follow Link to Submit a Request for Records

Information on the types of records that MSPB maintains, how to submit a request for records, and how to submit a request to amend records.

Contact Us
Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP): William Spencer

Chief Privacy Officer (CPO):
D. Fon Muttamara

You may contact MSPB's SAOP, CPO, or the Office of the Clerk of the Board for further privacy-related information, questions, or to formally file a privacy-related complaint by email at

Last updated: October 4, 2023 9:00  a.m. ET.